The Owners

We are a lively couple who decided to start our guest house in the home next to ours. We had the idea one night and two months later we opened for business. We spend a majority of our time away from our normal job working on the ranch and enjoying the peace and quiet of the country. We will always respect your privacy; however, if you want to chat and have a drink together we would love to do so. If you ever need anything, please let us know.

Bonnie has deep roots in the San Marcos/Kyle area, and this property has been in her family for more than 4 generations. She is a graduate of Southwest Texas University, now Texas State, and majored in Sociology. She loves to get to know people, and you will love talking to her. She has spent time in Germany and loves to work on her Deustch when she has a chance.

Andrew is originally from Fredericksburg, TX and found himself in the Kyle area after leaving the active duty Army in 2004. He is a graduate of Texas Tech and majored in Business. He shares Bonnie's passion and love for the land and calls the ranch his "happy place." You will often see him on the tractor and working on the property. He is also a people person and can grill the best steaks in Texas. Andrew also has a daughter that you may see. Natalie is the light of our lives and she loves her home with us on the ranch. You might even get to enjoy some farm fresh eggs from her chickens if we have a surplus!

We would love to share our little piece of happiness with you! Come join us on the ranch and we guarantee you will want to stay here again and again.

"All Country, Close To The City!"

H Heart Guest House

The ranch is a small piece of what it used to be.  All of the area around us and even up to Roland Lane was owned by several sides of the family (Hughson, Rowland [Roland], and Conway).  Through the generations the land was swapped, split, or sold leaving us with this 125 acre track that we call home. We hope to continue the tradition and pass it on to a 5th generation in the future.

The name “H Heart” comes from the family brand.  Cecil Hughson, Bonnie’s great-grandfather known by her as “Pop,” was a Kyle area cattleman for many years.  The love for the land, farming, and ranching, continued in the Hughson blood line.  Bonnie’s grandfather, Papa, also raised cattle.  He was known in the local area for another reason; baseball.  “Tex” Hughson pitched for the University of Texas at Austin and the Boston Red Sox in the 1940s.  Stanley, Bonnie's father, followed in the family footsteps.  He farmed this land and raised cattle and goats on it until his death in 2009.

The Ranch and H Heart